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Jeff prides himself on his long history of acquiring amazing Barber shop chairs, back bars and Barber tools and accessories.
He specializing in restoration and redesigns of Barber shop items for New Hair salons and Barbershops as well as for historic collectors wide.

Some of his current fine work includes.:
  • Custom Restoration of Fine and Extremely Cash Registers & Receipt containers.
  • Custom Barber Chair Restoration. Expert level.
  • Custom Restoration and Design of Barber shop Back Bars.
  • Custom Barbershop Design
  • Custom Restoration of Kiddie Rides.
  • Custom Restoration of Rare and Vintage Pop Corn Machines
  • Barber Chairs and poles, including Koken, Emil Paidar , Eugene Berninghaus , Theo
  • Kochs, William Marvy and Kochs Columbia
  • Custom Design and Creation Of Vintage Shoe Shine Stands.
  • Custom Vintage Sign restoration and Custom Neon Sign design and restoration
  • Custom Restoration and Redesign of Vintage Gas heaters.
  • Finds and Selsl vintage and rare Photography, Art ,Posters & Cool Stuff.
  • Restoration of Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel: Sold at Barrett Jackson January 2018.
  • Custom Restoration of 1954 Rowe Cigarette Machine
  • Custom Restoration of 1954 Stoner Pastry Machine available at
  • Aerial Photographic Image: America Derby Washington Park:1904 George R. Lawrence.Date:1904,Framed: 82"x28" Wood Frame & glass protected.Image75" x 25" 1/Image Capture by Photographer George R. Lawrence (1868-1938)Chicagoans enjoyed horse racing since the1830’s, by then they had 6 more tracks than any other city. In 1883, 500 leading Chicagoans established the prestigious Washington Park Jockey Club. Washington Park Race Track opened the next year & became the Midwest’s preeminent track & on the calendar of the elite. R. Lawrence:After working briefly at a Chicago wagon factory in 1889, he opened The Lawrence Portrait Studio, sharing the space & expenses with fellow photographer Irwin W. Powell.Lawrence perfected the use of "flashlight photography", developing a flash powder that permitted indoor banquets system required flash powder in many locations around the room, sometimes in as many as 350 spots. A single electric charge exploded the powder, generating more light & less smoke.

Location: 1924 HWY 515 South Blue Ridge Ga. 30513
6 miles South of Blue Ridge on HWY 515 and Next to Expedition Big Foot.

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