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Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel Fully Restored By Jeff Kimble.
This AmazingVery Rare carousel was meticulously taken apart from it's original 59 year location and moved to our climate controlled warehouse.
Every piece has been meticulously cleaned and restored to original state. The engine rebuilt and all motors parts are in like new working order and currently operates in perfect order.
The frame of the carousel and all painted pieces have also been detailed and maintained.
Once the carousel is sold, it will be carefully dismantled and stored is a hand crafted racked track for safe handling and will be ready for delivery.
The setup and transportation will be included in the purchase price of the auction sale at Barrette Jackson.

Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel Details:
◦ Made in Germany CA:1957
This is the only auto carousel to exist in North America today and the finest original example in the world. Only five were ever imported to the US and one to Canada from the Hennecke factory in Germany in the 1950's. This is a remarkable piece of mechanical art. The craftsmanship of this era is second to none.
This could be the centerpiece of your car collection , hotel , restaurant , museum or theme park.
There are 27 vehicles on this carousel. The cars are are hand made of wood. The interiors are leather . The headlights and taillights light up (12v) There are 3 large vehicles (1)Mercedes Benz fire truck with hand carved fireman on the ladder (2) Sky tram which is also wooden with leather interior (3) Flitzer 4 door with opening doors. The other cars include Mercedes 190,Alfa Romeo 2000 and two Flitzers (means fast car in German) There are six Vespa style scooters,six German bicycles Kano Mfg. Co. and six Sach's 50cc motorcycles.(real motorcycles with wooden tanks) The condition of all vehicles is excellent original with no restoration needed.
There are 16 hand painted rounding boards which adorn the top. These are all animal characters playing sports and are in excellent original condition with no touch ups. Notice the gnomes on each side.
The centerpiece is shaped like a flower with four hand carved wooden figures playing musical instruments. They are 2' tall and have the original paint. The center piece is also decorated with lights ,mirrors and hand painted designs.
The carousel is 34 in diameter and 16 feet tall . There are 1500 lights illuminating the ride (6watt bulbs) extra's included. Every piece of the frame is wooden and is excellent condition. The floor which the cars roll on is Oak and has been painted gray from the factory and restored. The operators control panel has palm buttons,telephone, emergency shutoff switch and microphone. The carousel operates from the control panel and is fully operational.There are many original parts included (car parts,drive gear nos,brake system)

Once this carousel is sold you will never have the opportunity to own another like it,as this is the finest original of its kind in the world.
Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel

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