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Jeff prides himself on his long history of acquiring amazing Barber shop chairs, back bars and Barber tools and accessories.
He specializing in restoration and redesigns of Barber shop items for New Hair salons and Barbershops as well as for historic collectors wide.

Some of his current fine work includes.:
Custom Restoration of Fine and Extremely Cash Registers & Receipt containers.

Custom Barber Chair Restoration, Custom & & Barber back bar restoration.
Custom Barbershop Design
  • Barber Chairs and poles , including Koken, Emil Paidar , Eugene Berninghaus , Theo
    Kochs, William Marvy and Kochs Columbia

Custom Design and Creation Of Vintage Shoe Shine Stands.
Custom Vintage Sign restoration and Custom Neon Sign design and restoration.
Custom Restoration and Redesign of Vintage Gas heaters.
Finds and Sell vintage and rare Photography, Art ,Posters & Cool Stuff.
Restoration of Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel: Sold at Barrett Jackson January 2018.
Video_Wilhelm Hennecke Auto CarouselVideo_Wilhelm Hennecke Auto CarouselVideo_Wilhelm Hennecke Auto CarouselVideo_Wilhelm Hennecke Auto Carousel

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