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Jeff Kimble for Kimble Concepts Fine Restorations and Rare Collectibles. 

Jeff Kimble provides the ultimate contrast in creative decor for the true collector and interior designer.
His attention to detail, design, color and mechanical refinement work hedges on technical and fine art in itself.

If you are interested in attaining the ultimate in fine restorations and rare collectibles his art studio is for you!
Kimble Concepts is owned and curated by Jeff Kimble in Blue Ridge GA.
At this same location many of his works and collections are on display and for sale within his store.

His work is created and carefully crafted in each design created and delivered. Jeff prides himself on his long history with many of his long term clients relationships with remarkable collections but also welcomes new clients who are interested in fine restorations of their collections.

If you are in the market for the having the finest in restoration work for your own pieces or refurbishments or redesigned pieces, then  consider contacted Jeff Kimble for a quote today.

Jeff Kimble’s current expertise and fine restoration work includes some of the following amazing things:

  • Acquisition, Redesign and Restoration specialist in the field below.
  • Barber Chair Restoration, Barber Poles  including: Koken, Emil Paidar , Eugene Berninghaus , Theo Kochs, William Marvy. Vintage barber tools, decor and complete barber shop setups.  Stunning collections of Vintage Barber bottles and tools.
  • Restoration and Custom Vintage Shoe Shine Chairs
  • Custom Neon Signs built in house and repaired.
  • Sells Vintage Porcelain Neon Signs.
  • Sells and Restores Vintage Clocks as well as create custom designed clocks
  • Rare Collectible Petrolina Oil and Gas products plus tons of antiques Petrolina related to gas stations and the oil business. Also have restored vintage hair compressors, spark plug machines and display racks.
    Gasoline Oil Cans,Oil bottles, Gas-pumps, Globes, Road Maps, Signs,
    Petrofina Gas and Oil  Signs: Mobile, Gulf, Pure, Phillips 66, Mobil, Texaco, Standard Oil, Phillips 66,
    Shell, Sinclair, Esso, Standard, Sinclair
    Many are regularly on site at Jeff’s Antiques.
  • Sales of Vintage Candy, Pastry, Popcorn machines. Plus sells vintage products that          surround each machine.
  • Sells and Restores Vintage Pinball Machines, Toys & Games
  • Sells and Restores Vintage Cash Registers.
  • Sells and Restores Juke Boxes 
  • Restores and designs vintage Kiddie Rides
  • Sells and refinishes Jack Daniels Barrels, both full and half barrels.
  • Sells and Designs Automobile Car bars, 
  • Restores and Sells Coca Cola Machines & Coca cola Memorabilia
  • Sells Rare collectable Signs and Posters
  • Sells Rare Photography
  • Sells Quality Sign Reproductions at affordable prices.

Kimble Concepts: Jeff Kimble

Visit Jeff at Physical Address:

1924 Highway 515 South
Cherry Log, GA. 30522
(6 miles south of down town Blue Ridge) 

Visit him by appointment only. 770-365-3965

Call today for a visit!